Introducing the most comprehensive dynamic charting solution available.

To us dynamic charting means “you can get there from here”. By that we mean you never have to turn your back on the patient or worse yet leave the patient bedside to complete your chart. With Lightning Charts you are always “in the chart” and never have to grapple with tabs and “trees” to switch between screens.

Without leaving the bedside you can add secondary complaints, document procedures, critical care notes or scores to a chart. You can even drop clinical, EKG, radiology or document images into the chart through the iPad camera. If you need to document an unusual item you can do so very easily through Dragon dictation voice-to-text technology or the iPad keyboard. You’ll find the flexibility impressive.


With Lightning Charts you’re assured of three things; optimized revenue, reduced risk and increased patient satisfaction.

The closer you look at Lightning Charts the more impressed you’ll be. It’s truly been created by physicians for physicians.