Features & Benefits

Features & BenefitsGreat Charts

  • Lightning Charts has over 1703 pre-populated templates that are dynamically created according to age, sex and presenting complaint.
  • Every Lightning Chart is an appropriately complete chart for a coding level based on the presenting complaint.
  • Lightning Charts ensures 100% real time compliance with CMS core measures and PQRS scores.
  • Lightning Charts reads and prints like a transcribed chart. [sample chart]


Lightning charts was developed with a goal of saving clinicians time. We do this a number of ways.

  • “Edited-to-Accuracy”. Only Lightning Charts starts with a 100% complete chart of which about 20% needs to be edited-to-100% accuracy using Lightning Charts’ proprietary Choice•Point technology.
  • Lightning Charts allows selective cloning of each returning patient’s past medical, social and family history to the new chart for that visit so the data does not need to be re-entered.
  • Lightning Charts can be edited with Dragon dictation, the iPad keyboard as well as the iPad touch screen.
  • On average over 90% of editing is done with the touch of your finger.

At The Bedside

  • The iPad is the perfect platform for documentation at the bedside. Information is entered in real time, in front of the patient saving the clinician valuable time.
  • Lightning Charts allows the physician to move efficiently from bed-to-bed without having to return to a workstation or chart rack.

When you deliver, “Great Charts. Fast. At the Bedside.” A lot of good things happen.

  • More accurate information capture at the bedside contributes to better risk management (present and future)
  • Eliminates lost, misplaced or illegible charts.
  • Facilitates better communication for patient hand-offs at shift change.
  • Increases doctor/patient interaction.
  • Increases patient satisfaction scores.
  • Increases physician satisfaction.
  • No “end-of-shift” paper work.

Lightning Charts lets you see more patients, spend more time with existing patients or go home on time more often.