Lightning Charts UC

Lightning Charts Urgent Care

Dr. Steve Miley was previously responsible for the operation of a chain of 30 urgent care centers and put that unique experience to good use when he and CEO Dr. John Uphold designed Lightning Charts Urgent Care.

With Lightning Charts Urgent Care bedside documentation you can see more patients while simultaneously optimizing revenue. As its name suggests, Lightning Charts can save you about 4 minutes charting time per patient and if you see thirty patients in a day that’s a huge saving in time. That extra time will allow you to see more patients or spend more time with existing patients. And that reduces wait times and increases patient satisfaction.

Lightning Charts is also dynamically designed for appropriate documentation for the presenting complaint for appropriate revenue capture making unintentional down-coding a thing of the past. Also when you sign a Lightning Chart it is instantly forwarded to your billing company or billing software for immediate processing.

The closer you look at Lightning Charts Urgent Care the more you’re going to want it.